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Decoding The Greatest Challenges of Leadership

Is your team suffering from challenges such as losing top talent, a culture of drama on your team, or a lack of commitment and follow through from team members?

Now more than ever, today’s competitive market requires intentional, creative leadership masterful at building individual and organizational innovation and the resilient, loyal, high-performing teams necessary to stand out, impact and drive next-level results.

Join Us On Zoom. Friday, 2/2/24 at 10:00am-11:30am PST

These unprecedented challenges in leadership and business bring the greatest opportunities to break through into our greatest potential and impact.

Most leaders are finding themselves feeling unprepared for this fast-changing landscape, frustrated with their teams and personally unfulfilled as they are stuck practicing outdated and limited models for developing people, managing change and delivering the extraordinary results they feel meant for.


What’s worse, the tools, technology, time, and training money that are being spent trying to create greater results are delivering only marginal, unsustainable increases because they aren't addressing the real problem. And this is leaving even the highest of achievers (and their teams) short of their potential and wondering if they were really meant for this at all. 


But after helping 100s of top-level executives and leaders in areas such as solar, software sales, and real estate transform just such struggles and revolutionize their industries, we can confidently tell you this…. 


You are NOT an imposter. You CAN achieve your full potential without losing your health, family and passion. This deeper sense of purpose and impact you feel called for IS what you’re here to achieve! 


At The Decoding The Greatest Challenges of Leadership workshop, you will learn the unknown yet necessary keys to finally actualize your full potential and develop an actionable new blueprint for the way that you lead, create, influence and think. 


Over the past 10 years we've helped thousands of people including industry leaders like Sam Taggart, Danny Pessy, Jennie Lok, Melanie Falley, Ian Koniak, Brandon Brown, John Israel, Jenna Donahue, Alex Kremer, Kyle Tucker, Andrew Evans, and more. 


The ripple of their transformation has both transformed them as individuals but also impacted thousands of people along the way. You cannot afford to stall on this journey for yourself or your world anymore. 


In the workshop, you'll discover...

  • How to shift dynamic of your team from a culture of drama to culture of focus and collaboration
  • The key to retaining top talent
  • How to handle lack of commitment and follow through from your team
  • The massive difference to your energy, results and influence from when you're moving from what deeply resonates with your soul and purpose VS simply continuing to seek achievement and validation.
  • How to go from proving, performing and striving to feel/do enough... to feeling deeply fulfilled, powerful and influential to all around you.
  • The secret to discovering your greatest gifts, purpose and vibe and unlock your true potential in 2024.


Complete the submission form below and join us on Zoom, Friday, 2/2/24 at 10:00am PST. 


We'll see you there! 

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