The Abundant Community Membership

Our transformative approach has empowered thousands of clients to break through limitations and create a future they once only dreamed of. We proudly announce this exclusive opportunity for our past clients to continue their journey towards a life of unparalleled success, fulfillment, and authentic connection.

What's Included?

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Men & Women's Calls

Put down your masks and embrace your authentic essence

Dive into the richness of our monthly Men and Women's Calls, and join a circle of like-minded men or women, sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Discover a greater connection to your heart and authentic expression, discover through the shares, embodiment practices, and teachings offered on the calls.

In the Men's Calls explore topics such as integrity, masculine archetypes, your true purpose, intimate relationships, and authentic expression in a supportive environment.

In the Women's Calls we'll dive into a range of topics including connection to your body, unlocking pleasure, feminine leadership, feminine archetypes, emotional expression, intimate relationships, and more.

Discover more of who you really are through the mirrors of your brothers or sisters. Experience the strength of a community dedicated to uplifting each other.



Group Coaching

Elevate together and unleash the power of collective growth

At Abundant, we believe in the transformative strength of community, and our monthly Group Coaching Sessions are designed to harness that power to guide you through the intricacies of your unique journey. Uncover your true potential with the undivided attention of our skilled coaches.

Our clients consistently report a remarkable 2-10x increase in income, but beyond financial wealth, we delve into a more profound definition of prosperity—one that encompasses every facet of your existence.

Distinguish between conditioned responses and your authentic self. Abundant provides unwavering support as you align with your true essence, fostering a profound understanding of your gifts and values.

Align with your purpose and heart, unleashing a life of unparalleled fulfillment. Abundant isn't just about momentary satisfaction; it's a lifelong journey of continuous transformation and joy.


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Exclusive Live Immersion Discounts

Unlock the full spectrum of your potential and catalyze profound shifts in your life

As a past client, you've already experience the magic of our live immersions. You know that our immersions are not your typical run of the mill hotel conference room seminars.. they are dynamic experiences weaving together expert facilitation, adventure, community, and music to create a life changing experience for attendees.

As an Abundant Community Member, enjoy an exclusive 50% off on our live events. Our event prices range from $4,000 - $7,500, so your membership will grant you up to $3,750 savings per event. As an Abundant Community Member you'll be able to exercise your discount for one event per 6 months of membership.

Disconnect. Immerse. Transform.

Seize this opportunity to participate in these life-altering experiences at a special rate available only to our Abundant Community.

Who will you be when you leave?


2024 Abundant Events Lineup

The Ignition Immersion

Unlock Your Highest Possibility

Ignite the spark within you at The Ignition Immersion—an event designed to equip you with tools that will multiply your results, accelerate your vision, and connect you with your most abundant self. This is where possibilities become reality.

January 18th-21st in Sundance UT, or

March 21st-24th in Sonoma Coast CA

Camp Abundant

Awaken Your Visionary Spirit

Embark on a 4-day experience for visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to honor their purpose and reconnect with their mission, wake up inspired each day, and turn their life’s next-level vision into reality. Think leadership conference meets yoga retreat - with a sprinkle of music festival... because why not?

May 29th - June 2nd, Ukiah CA

Men and Women's Alignment Immersion

Discover The Power of Masculine and Feminine Leadership

Explore the dynamic interplay of the masculine and feminine energies within all of us at our separate Men and Women's Alignment Immersions. This transformative experience dives deep into leadership, self-discovery, and the authentic expression of both energies. Couples in partnership are invited to stay for the Couple's Immersion.

August 8th - 10th, Location TBA

The Couple's Alignment Immersion

Grow Strong Together

For couples committed to growth, our Couple's Alignment Immersion delves into the three pillars of an Abundant relationship: communication, alignment, and sexual polarity. Strengthen your connection and build a foundation for lasting love and prosperity.

August 10th - 12th, Location TBA


Where 2025 Vision Meets Adventure, Depth, and Connection

Step into the future at The Transmission Immersion—an event where vision casting collides with adventure, depth, and connection. Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary and propels you toward your 2025 goals.

November 21st - 25th, Tulum MX

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Community

"Joining Abundant has been the best decision that I've made personally, and the best decision that Maxwell and I have made together as partners. There are events that happen in our life and the first people I pick up the phone to call to help are people in this community. Not my family members, not my best friends.. the individuals in this community that I have known for only two short years that I developed so much depth with."

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Danielle Vincent
Senior Director Corporate Communications at Iterable

"It's a rare combination of people who are high performing, but also hold a high standard across their life. As opposed to being hyper tunnelled on one area. You're around world class people who are entrepreneurs or top people in sales. Whatever they're doing they're pursuing a path of mastery."

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Kaizen Asiedu
Men's Empowerment Coach

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