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Beyond Recession Proof: Becoming the Trustworthy, Visionary Leader our Complex World Needs

via Zoom on Friday, 1/5/24 at 4:00pm-5:30pm PST

2023 Was a Game Changer

With historic global crises and the advent of AI, the world (and certainly business) is not what we once knew.


Simply, our go-to ways of leading, selling and influencing aren't working like they once did!


But just like every downturn in the economy is when the greatest fortunes are created...


These unprecedented challenges in leadership and business bring the greatest opportunities to break through into our greatest potential and impact.


What we see, however, is too many of the leaders in sales and tech white-knuckling their way through each quarter, hoping the prescribed ways they've been taught will help them ride things out till the economy stabilizes or scrambling as they ineffectively copy what other companies or leaders are doing. Meanwhile, they feel like imposters, are exhausted, and mostly, are feeling disconnected from the deeper sense of fulfillment, success and impact they know they are here for. 


Now more than ever, people are realizing, "I can't get all my answers at Church, from my parents, Instagram, etc.". Our world has reached a new level of complexity. We need trustworthy, grounded, and hopeful visions for the future right now.


The good news is, after 10 years of successfully helping the top leaders in some of the most disruptive and impactful companies worldwide multiply not just their numbers but their sense of fulfillment and impact, we have discovered the secret to making it through such times....


... and ironically, the secret is YOU.


In the workshop, you'll discover...

  • The massive difference to your energy, results and influence from when you're moving from what deeply resonates with your soul and purpose VS simply continuing to seek achievement and validation.
  • How to go from proving, performing and striving to feel/do enough... to feeling deeply fulfilled, powerful and influential to all around you.
  • The secret to discovering your greatest gifts, purpose and vibe and unlock your true potential in 2024.


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We'll see you there! 

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